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Discover the Enigmatic Marvel of Navarro Granite: A Technical Schist, Aesthetic Granite. Unveiling Nature’s Masterpiece, where Resilience Meets Exotic Beauty. Behold the Spectacular Interplay of White veins and gold sparkles, Adorning this Remarkable Stone with a Tapestry of Elegance and Strength. Embrace the Magnificence of Navarro Granite, an Exquisite Testament to the Harmonious Fusion of Nature’s Artistry and Timeless Durability

Navarro Granite Z Panel

  • Dimensions See Options Available table above
    Thickness See Options Available table above
    Predominant Colour Black, Grey
    Packaging  Wooden Crate, plastic wrap
    Suitable for Walls
    Surface Finish Split
    Edges Sawn
    Back Calibrated
    Material Type Schist ( Metamorphic natural stone)
    Country Of Origin Brazil
    Port of Loading Pecem, Brazil
    Application   Internal, External
    Weight 40 kg/m²
    Water Absorption


  • Minimum Order Quantity: 21 Tons

    Can Be Mixed With Other Materials on the Same Container

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