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Urban Grey Porphyry, quarried in the Rio de Janeiro region of Brazil, is a remarkable dark grey porphyritic gneiss. This versatile stone offers a wide range of applications, including paving, setts, curbs, cladding, slabs and more. Its exceptional hardness and outstanding technical properties ensure durability, while its consistently beautiful color and uniquely textured natural surface truly set it apart.

One of the key advantages of Urban Grey Porphyry is its naturally slip-resistant texture, resulting from its inherent ability to be split along its layers. Unlike many other stones that require additional treatments like flaming for slip resistance, Urban Grey Porphyry excels in sustainability as it doesn't need such processes.

Notably, Urban Grey Porphyry bears a striking resemblance to Luserna Gneiss, a renowned Italian stone quarried in the Alps.

Urban Grey Porphyry

  • Dimensions See Options Available table above
    Thickness See Options Available table above
    Predominant Colour Grey
    Packaging  Wooden Crate, plastic wrap
    Suitable for Walls, Floors
    Surface Finish Riven
    Edges Sawn or Hand Cut
    Back Calibrated
    Material Type Gneiss ( Metamorphic natural stone)
    Country Of Origin Brazil
    Port of Loading Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Application  External, Internal
    Weight 27 kg/m²
    Water Absorption


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