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Xclad™ is the latest evolution of the popular Z shape stone panel. Our patented design takes stone panels to the next level, giving an unparalleled finish that is indistinguishable from traditional stonework when installed correctly.

The Xclad™ panel system is designed to be easy to install and highly versatile. Its unique design allows for rapid installation, reducing both time and cost. The Xclad panel system is ideal for a wide range of applications, including interior and exterior walls, feature walls, and fireplace surrounds.

Xclad - Raven Black

  • Dimensions See Options Available table above
    Thickness 30 to 50   mm
    Predominant Colour Black
    Packaging 3 Pcs in each carton inside Wooden crates, plastic wrap
    Suitable for Walls
    Surface Finish Sawn
    Edges Straight
    Back Cement
    Material Type Stone
    Country Of Origin Brazil
    Port of Loading  
    Application  External, Internal
    Weight 65 kg/m²
    Water Absorption


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